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Products: AFA 5000

Room Space Control

An intelligent touch screen room controller offering demand-control ventilation for up to 64 fume cupboards per room without the need for a building management system.


Our Room Space Controller communicates directly with fume cupboard systems which enables the AFA5000 to measure precise airflow requirements of fume cupboards allowing air to be controlled exactly according to need, minimising energy consumption and allowing you the peace of mind to get on with the job at hand.

Product Benefits

Eliminates BMS

The AFA5000 has been specifically designed for demand control ventilation. It controls a mechanical HVAC ventilation system in a room space without the need for a BMS system.

Energy Savings

The AFA5000 can be optimised to give maximum energy savings with occupancy and out of hours’ setback, reduced flow rates and comfort/air quality set points and has on board time clock schedule control.

Ease of Use

The AFA5000 can be configured to operate the room space ventilation based on differential room pressure, air quality control, volumetric control or any combination of the control philosophies.


Watch our video for more information about the AFA5000:

Key Features

  • Differential Room Pressure control

  • Volumetric control of Supply make-up air

  • Volumetric control of Room exhaust air

  • CO2/Humidity/VOC Demand based control

  • Heating control

  • Cooling Demand based control

  • Occupancy control

  • Time Scheduling with Setback/out of hours’ control

  • Over Diversity status/alarms

  • RS485 connection to AFA1000 VAV controllers

  • Historical Graphical display of all active functions

  • Optional Expansion module with additional 6 programmable I/O connections

  • Local display of active functions with low and high audible/visual alarms

  • Password protected menu set up and configuration

  • 7” HMI Touchscreen, wall or panel mountable

  • Metric / imperial units

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