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Georgia Tech University

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Georgia Tech upgraded airflow safety and
energy efficiency in 98 research labs

ABM (and TEL) won the right to be the prime design-build contractor. TEL out-performed another vendor in a 3-lab competitive pilot project based on safety and savings criteria. 

The TEL team trained ABM personnel to install, commission, and support advanced laboratory technology.

They also provided consulting and materials for the other 96 research laboratories. 


Custom Settings Delivered


The ambitious Georgia Tech plan required re-coding core software parameters at the factory to deliver the most remote controllability available today. 

TEL developed real-time Air Change per Hour (ACH) reporting on the AFA 5000 screen. This flexibility allowed Georgia Tech to precisely match system metrics with operational goals.

I would like to pass along my sincere appreciation for a job well done. It has been a pleasure working with you. The task has been effortless thanks to your patience and devotion to this project. I look forward to working with you all in the future and you can be rest assured, you will come highly recommended for future projects.”


Robert Daw, Project Manager, ABM 



Client: National Public University

Client Location: Atlanta, GA

Project Goals: Save Energy and improve Safety

Reduction over Baseline: 73.7%

Monthly Savings:

  • Modeled: 74,880 CFM
  • Measured: 112,058 CFM

Actual Year 1 Savings: $192,984 (Year 0 is much lower than years 1-10 due to construction costs)

System Upgrades:

  • 160 Auto Sash Closers
  • 150 Snorkel Exhaust Control Systems
  • 139 AFA 4000/E VAV FH Controllers
  • 96 AFA 5000 Lab Space Controllers
  • JCI BMS integration