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East Central University


ECU replaced 13 fume hoods and added redundancy without increasing the capital budget

TEL supported an ESCO partner on this campus project which involved both laboratory and kitchen solutions. The laboratory fume hoods were old with no capital budget for replacement. The discharge and make-up air vents also needed an over- haul. The kitchen hoods were operational but energy inefficient. The combined project delivered almost $85,000/year in energy savings and addressed some major deferred maintenance concerns of the University.

“We chose TEL to assist us with lab modifications at ECU, because they delivered the right solution at the right price. Once again they delivered a great project on time and within budget. Our client is extremely pleased.“

Fred Travis, Operations Manager

Johnson Controls


TEL replaced all thirteen (13) fume hoods, saving substantial energy. Laboratory exhaust discharge was converted to stainless steel stacks and the fan system was redesigned to create redundancy for maintenance purposes. The kitchen exhaust systems received hood controllers that vary of amount the exhaust based on the demand of the equipment kitchen. These retrofit projects simultaneously increased lab safety, reduced energy costs, maintenance costs, and improved airflow reliability throughout these facilities


Client: Regional Public University

Client Location: Ada, OK

Project Goals: Save energy and improve safety

Simple Payback: 4.6 years

Annual Energy Savings: $84,994/yr

New Fume Hood Systems:

  • Auto Sash Controls

  • Dampers with Actuators

  • Exhaust Pressure Controls

  • MUA Pressure Controls

  • Supply Damper VAV Box

  • Summations Units

Auto sash controllers have advanced significantly in recent years but TEL still leads the field...

We have a video showing how the TEL Auto Sash Controller integrates with VAV systems for safe airflow and energy savings of up to 85%.

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