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Failing Fume Hoods were Restored, Airflow Safely Controlled, and Forecast Savings were Achieved

The Phoenix exhaust system was getting old and managers questioned whether the 21 laboratories ever operated properly because the RTUs operated continuously at maximum capacity, and the work space was often too humid. Unfortunately, a trial of installing extra fans had not been able to solve the supply/exhaust or humidity problems.

TEL did a great job retrofitting the equipment without disrupting client operations.
We demonstrated energy savings immediately because the AHU load was reduced so much. Good job!”


Darin Klein, Controls Engineer


Installation included:

  • VAV Fume Hood Face-Velocity Controller
    and Alarm Kits

  • Automatic Sash Closing Systems

  • AFA 5000 Lab Space Controller to maintain Lab Temperature, Pressure, and Air Changes per Hour (ACPH)

  • New Actuators

  • Electronic Reheat Valve Actuators, Variable Power Supplies, and Timer Switches

  • Existing Venturi Valves retrofitted to accept new electronic Actuators

  • BACnet Connection Kit


Industry:  State Public Health

Location: Bismarck, ND


Project Cost:  $250,000


Annual Savings:  $50,000


Simple Payback: 5 years


Energy Savings:

165,962 kWh/yr

  72,942 Therms/yr

Auto sash controllers have advanced significantly in recent years but TEL still leads the field...

We have a video showing how the TEL Auto Sash Controller integrates with VAV systems for safe airflow and energy savings of up to 85%.

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