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This project won a highly competitive energy efficiency grant from the Maryland Energy Administration.

Pharmacopeia Convention sets standards for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. The not-for-profit organization aimed to upgrade its laboratories and reduce their operating costs.

“TEL delivered the energy benefits they promised while improving the building infrastructure. They did a great job.”

Darryl Terry, Facility Manager, USP


Before: USP had Constant Air Volume (CAV) fume hoods and snorkel exhausts in 19 laboratories scattered over 2 buildings.

After: The upgraded VAV systems remain very safe, utility costs are reduced, and the infrastructure is more manageable.


Client Industry: Pharmaceutical


Client Location: Rockville, MD


Project Type: Fume Hood, Vents, & Lab Retrofits


Project Cost: $871,000

Total Project Incentives: $522,015


Annual Energy Savings:

  • $187,542

  • 1,081,429 kWh/KW

  • 60,277 Therms

Auto sash controllers have advanced significantly in recent years but TEL still leads the field...

We have a video showing how the TEL Auto Sash Controller integrates with VAV systems for safe airflow and energy savings of up to 85%.

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