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TEL has worked with local exhaust ventilation and fume extraction manufacturers to develop a unique LEV monitor to provide employers with the reassurance that air flow-rate is maintained and employees are safe.

Local exhaust ventilation or fume extractions can help clean the air, keeping workers safe from dust, fumes and other airborne contaminants at work.

Although there is no specific legal requirement to fit an airflow indicator to an extraction, employers have a legal requirement to ensure their LEV system keeps working properly. It is fairly common that an LEV system will not work effectively when airflow falls because of build-up of material or damage to ducting. The LEV will become inadequate and control lost.

TEL’s LEV monitor provides the reassurance that the flow-rate is being maintained, protecting your employees and alerting operators of any problems immediately. It can be fitted to any ducting or LEV extraction device.

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Auto sash controllers have advanced significantly in recent years but TEL still leads the field...

We have a video showing how the TEL Auto Sash Controller integrates with VAV systems for safe airflow and energy savings of up to 85%.

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