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Find out why working with TEL can help you ensure safety and compliance as well as increasing energy efficiency and cost savings.

  • Tried and trusted products, with over 400,000 TEL monitors and controls in laboratories across the world.

  • Range of innovative products that offer safety and compliance, energy efficiency and cost savings.

  • TEL’s retro fit solution means its innovative airflow monitors and controls will work with existing fume cupboard systems.

  • Technical expertise ensures high performance products and technical support when you need it.

  • Continually working to understand market needs, developing relationships with laboratory companies and key manufacturers of industrial fume cupboards, educational fume cupboards, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, kitchen hoods and local exhaust ventilation systems.

  • Design and technical consultation available to develop specific solutions and energy efficient systems.

  • Full service offering, including design consultations, product supply, installation and commissioning service, training and technical back up

Auto sash controllers have advanced significantly in recent years but TEL still leads the field...

We have a video showing how the TEL Auto Sash Controller integrates with VAV systems for safe airflow and energy savings of up to 85%.

Latest Articles

People working with industrial and educational fumehoods must be protected at all times. Auto sash controllers keep people safe.

Today’s safe and efficient laboratories are a given, but fume hood health and safety standards were only introduced 25 years ago…

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